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Birding Tours, Outdoor Adventures, & the Occasional Expedition
Periodically, I lead trips to cool places for outdoorsy people. These trips range from birding tours of biodiversity hotspots to expeditions to untouched patches of the Earth. Below, you'll find my current offerings, as well as a record of past trips. Join me!
Let's get out there.
Science shouldn't just be cerebral, indoors in an armchair. Ultimately, the science that I write about here is about the amazing species, places, and people on this planet. And the best way to get to know them is to experience them ourselves, getting dirty out there in the elements. Below are some of my efforts to do so.
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Upcoming Birding Tours
Exploring Minnesota's Avifauna with the Backyard Phenology Project
08:00 on May 14th ~ Meeting outside the Saint Paul Gymnasium
Meant for beginners to birding, this tour will be an introduction to finding and identifying the surprising diversity of species around us. We'll visit and explore the Native American Medicine Garden, and then make our way along the greenway that starts with Grove Park (on the other side of Cleveland). We'll be focusing not only on how to notice & name the species around us, but also on how the avifauna around us changes with the seasons.

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Urban Birding: The Surprising Diversity of Urban Birds
Date, Time, and Location to be announced
Birds--and indeed a great many species--are all around us even in urban settings. It's important to know these species: our relationship with the biodiversity around the places we live, as opposed to the biodiversity in far-away preserves, is where we have the most agency to improve. Learning these species, their life histories, and their ecological preferences is an important first step toward building a better coexistence with the species around us. Join me as we explore some of the surprising urban diversity in the Twin Cities.

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Outdoor Adventures
More on this soon!
More on this soon!
Record of past trips
Words and photos from where I've gone, who came with, and what we saw.

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